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Providing a complete approach to real estate, TurnCompanies provides best-in-class real estate financing solutions and site redevelopment nationwide. By leveraging the knowledge, resources, and technology platforms of its strategic national partnerships, TurnCompanies specialize in bridge to perm commercial and multifamily loans through their brand, TurnCap and vertically integrated site redevelopment – from acquisition through disposition – through their brand, TurnDev. TurnCompanies client base is family office focused, while also targeting high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Product Offerings

TurnCap Bridge-to-Perm Fund I, LP

The fund focuses on commercial real estate lending and special financing, partnering with highly qualified sponsors with strong assets, who are motivated to close quickly. The thesis and specialty programs provide TurnCap Investors with a unique diversification strategy across asset classes nationwide.

TurnAlt Loan Products

Taking the same resources and expertise from the TurnCapBridge-to-Perm Fund, TurnAlt focuses on deals that fall outside of the scope of the fund, providing access to select investors and partners to provide additional investment opportunities.


Primarily focused on highly visible, second-generation retail sites, TurnDev is a nimble real estate developer with an agile structure allows us to close quickly on spec in 30 days or less. By absorbing permitting, development, and tenant risk,TurnDev can move more quickly and show commitment to investments in ways other developers cannot or will not.


How Gryphon Helps

Gryphon’s relationship with TurnCompanies originated through our core service offering of

  • Fund Accounting
  • Fund Administration
  • Tax compliance for TurnCap Bridge-to-Perm Fund I, LP.
  • Gryphon performs management company and general partner accounting and tax compliance as part of the engagement.

As TurnCompanies’ offerings have evolved, so too has Gryphon’s servicing.  We have expanded our services to provide:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Tax compliance for numerous special purpose vehicles associated with TurnAlt and TurnDev, including providing debt servicing for non-syndicated deals.

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