Fund Administration

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Eliminating the burden of administration so you can focus on what’s important to you: managing and growing assets. 

Our dedicated team has decades of experience navigating the regulatory environment with both the SEC and the IRS, providing you best-in-class service to all stakeholders. Whether reporting to shareholders, the regulators, or the board members, we will handle the flow of all information to all the key reporting parties.

Don’t trust just anyone to run your fund and tax administration. We’ve got industry experts in every role, focused on your fund’s needs.

Preparation  and filing of SEC required communications and reports
Communicate  appropriate reporting at quarterly board meetings
Provide Officer  services, including President, Treasurer, and AML Officer Roles
Perform Treasury  services and daily cash movement processes
Establish and monitor fund  budgeting items
Facilitate financial statement audit process
Prepare  and maintain Tax Provisions and Excise Calculations
Monitor and calculate  IRS compliance thresholds

Fund Strategies

Equity Funds
Complex Bond Funds
Managed Futures Funds
Emerging Market Funds
Event Driven Funds
Digital Asset Funds
Long-Short Funds
Tax Credit Funds
Money Market Funds
Global Equity Funds
Concentrated Funds

Fund structures

Stand Alone Funds
Multi-Class Structures
Closed-End and Interval Funds
Controlled Foreign Corporation Funds
Fund of funds


With a team of diverse backgrounds, our administration teams have unique experiences to provide for every aspect of the reporting cycle. Whether for board meetings, SEC reporting, or IRS compliance, our industry experts are prepared for the nuances of your product offering, no matter how complex.

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