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When it comes to registered fund accounting, we understand that accuracy on a daily basis is paramount.

Our aim is to add quality at every turn in establishing the type of client experience every client should expect from their fund accounting team. We utilize institutional level technology and software systems, surrounded by a robust infrastructure and control environment.  

Our registered fund accountants have the necessary tools and experience to provide accurate and timely reporting, both to the public markets and investment advisors. Applying an unwavering attention to detail with the industry knowledge spanning decades, we have the ability to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated strategies and fund managers.

Calculate daily net asset value, timely and  accurately
Daily NAV reporting via NASDAQ as well as  other pricing outlets
Record all security and cash transactions
Accrue daily income and expense items
Analyze and record all corporate action items
Calculate required per share distribution  amounts
Cash forecasting and availability reporting
Strong control environment and oversight


Our fund accounting management team is made up of industry professionals who all started their careers’ looking through a different lens. The unique make-up of our team provides investment advisors and their clients a sophisticated backbone to draw on for all transactions, from the most routine to the highly complex.

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