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Tax services designed to meet your goals, not dictate them

We design our tax process to execute the goals that you have in mind for your fund, your investor base, and your investment strategy. A start-to-finish view of our consultative and collaborative approach allows us to better help you meet the needs of your clients and your investment decisions, without unintended consequences down the road.

From the launch of a new fund and participating in the structuring plan, reviewing investment documents for purchase, sale, or following an exit, all the way through to tax preparation and K-1 distribution, our tax team provides a cohesive approach to the tax process. Our seasoned professionals will help make sure that the plan is effective, executed as it was intended, and recorded appropriately with taxing authorities.

How we can help

Tax Structuring

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Whether structuring fund complexes or individual transactions, we have the know how to make sure your goals are accomplished in the most effective way.

We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each fund, accounting for foreign investors, offshore and pass-through investments, regulatory compliance items, or any other unique issues that may arise.

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Transaction Collaboration

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Deciding that the economics of an exit are right for your investors is up to you. Our tax team partners with the administration team to analyze transactions, big and small, at the outset, prior to sale, or upon exit.

With direct industry experience in everything from the sale of private businesses to complex public securities and derivatives, we have the know-how to make sure the outcome is as efficient as possible, while still meeting your goals.

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Tax Compliance

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The planning phase is all for naught if tax compliance isn’t completed timely and accurately. Our cohesive team mentality means that the plan is recorded as intended, eliminating handoffs and the potential for missed details that may happen when using an outside service provider.  

Let us build on the efficiencies of maintaining the books and records and complete the full LP experience by preparing the tax returns and K-1s for your funds and investors.

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Sponsor Tax Services

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Complexities that arise in the economic nuances of private fund structures shouldn’t be left to any broad-based CPA.

Our team has institutional knowledge of the client base, the economic intentions of agreements, and the industry experience to make sure General Partners and Management Companies get the cashflow and tax responsibilities intended for them – nothing more, nothing less.

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Individual Sponsor Taxes

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A dedicated team of 1040 experts compile all the information to make sure to get the most efficient outcome for you.

As participants throughout the process, our 1040 team understands the plan that’s been laid out and makes sure to record it accordingly, without any bumps along the way

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A team with institutional knowledge interacting with the fund year-round provides a streamlined process for getting K-1s and tax returns completed, both effectively and accurately. With access and support of real time books and records, we can provide real time tax advice, so no detail is overlooked. Combining that knowledge of your complex transactions with a hands-on approach, you can rest easy that details are reviewed before, during, and after execution of every transaction.

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