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Back-office accounting built to support your business initiatives and provide experienced insights.

We start with a rock-solid foundation of debits and credits and build on that to provide you with more than books and records. Our team has the know-how to review the specifics of your fund and make sure that fund economics and expenses are aligned with fund agreements, transactions are properly accounted for, and allocations and performance metrics are clearly stated, in accordance with GAAP.

Whether you are a Registered Investment Adviser or Exempt Reporting Advisor, Gryphon will step in as your independent third-party service provider with the proper due care and knowledge to ensure compliance with regulatory and LPA requirements is always top of mind.

Our private fund accounting team is equipped to ask critical questions, identify potential issues, and take corrective action before it becomes the advisor’s burden.

Evaluate fund specific details through partnership agreements
Maintain  complete and accurate general ledger with daily accounting activities
Prepare management fee  calculations, including waivers and allocations
Reconcile cash and  other sensitive items to third party sources
Provide bill pay and  treasury services to create independence from advisor
Evaluate realized  transactions for appropriate economic and accounting records
Track capital call  receipts, compliance certificates, and investments proceeds
Prepare 1099 reporting  for all cash payments made throughout the year


We understand how difficult it is to run and grow a business. We also understand the challenges, not just developing, but maintaining a family office. These endeavors start with sound financial plans, processes, and the right people in place. We have the process and internal controls to help you grow, and our team has the right experience to execute. Now let Gryphon build the right plan for you to achieve what you set out to do.

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