Fund Administration

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As a boutique fund administrator, we are nimble and flexible to meet your current and changing needs.  

Our decades of experience provide a wealth of fund accounting, tax, and operational knowledge designed to help you navigate the complex needs of the investment company industry and their investors.

With over $7 billion in assets under administration, we work with funds of all sizes that employ a wide variety of strategies with a highly diverse investor base.

Oversee capital call and distribution processes and communicate with LP's
Maintain partner allocations and provide waterfall distribution calculations
Provide modernized investor reporting through digital dashboards and electronic quarterly capital statements
Prepare quarterly investor capital statements and financial statements
Calculate Gross and Net IRR  and other performance metrics
Facilitate financial statement audit process
Prepare and maintain detailed schedule of investments
Act in Investor  Relations capacity as requested

Fund Strategies

Venture Capital Funds
Private  Equity Funds
Hedge Funds
Digital Asset Funds
Leveraged  Buy-out Funds
Real Estate Funds
Mezzanine Funds
Tax Credit Funds
Distressed Funds
Managed Futures Funds
SBIC Funds
Long-Short Funds

Fund structures

Domestic and Offshore Funds
Parallel Funds
Co-Investment Funds
Funds of funds
Master-Feeder Funds
Blocker Entities


Everything the Fund Administration team does is built on experience. From investor relations to financial statement audits, we’ve dedicated our team to being an extension of management. By putting ourselves in your shoes, we understand the importance of a high-quality third-party administrator. Accurately representing fund economics means investors will have more clarity, and more confidence that your firm is achieving its objectives.

Why Needed?


Without accurate and timely reporting to investors, funds can't exist.


Independent third party to the fund adds another level of internal controls and asset safeguards for investors. 


Operational and administrative support for fund managers so they can focus time on maximizing portfolio value.

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